Preserving Is An Art Form For Montreal’s Camilla Wynne

Katia Jean Paul - February 5, 2016
CamillaWynne_Photo Credit_Valeria-Bismar

Mason jars make for beautiful centrepieces, rustic chandeliers and nifty candy jars. Camilla Wynne, however, uses them for something that only a few years ago seemed ostensibly arcane: food preservation. Raspberries, apples, beets, pickles … she cans them all, like her grandmothers and the homemakers before her, before refrigerators and microwave dinners redefined the zeitgeist. The Master Preserver and owner of Preservation Society, the Montreal-based …

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Winemakers Are Redefining Pinot Blanc Across Canada

Michael Pinkus - February 3, 2016

It’s time we put all the cards on the table … if you want to talk about a misunderstood and disrespected grape variety, you need look no further than Pinot Blanc. “We cannot understand why Pinot Blanc isn’t more popular, especially here in British Columbia,” says Roland Kruger of Wild Goose Winery, “it grows superbly and we are able to get full ripeness every year, …

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