Decode the secret language of wine writers

Lisa Hoekstra - August 28, 2015

A good review of a wine can mean the difference between buying the bottle and putting it back on the shelf to continue your search. Tasting notes brandish a variety of terms as if they mean something — making the average wine lover, like yourself, just smile, nod, pick up the bottle of rosé with the “light and fruity” sticker and walk away. The wine …

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The Cutting Edge: NEVER use a dull knife

Roger Torriero - August 26, 2015

Recently, I was fortunate enough to attend a knife sharpening seminar hosted by Zwilling J.A. Henkels atToronto’s Montecito restaurant. The session began with a quick yet informative workshop on basic knife skills lead by Chef Jonathan Collins. An interesting point that was introduced was the fact that a sharp knife is safer than a dull knife. “When you have a dull knife,” says Chef Johnathan, …

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Prepare the Ultimate Greek Feast: 3 easy recipes

Quench - August 24, 2015

Are you looking for a delicious menu to serve your guests? Or, an easy meal that is both tasty and family-friendly? These three Greek-inspired recipes (and a few tips from our Associate Editor) will not leave you disappointed. Kalí óreksi! Ultimate Souvlaki Recipe Pork, beef and chicken…this recipe works with them all. All-Star, Easy Tzatziki This yogurt-based sauce is a Greek Feast essential. The Best …

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This just may be the world’s best poutine

Duncan Holmes - August 21, 2015
Unhealthy Delicious Poutine with French Fries and Gravy

In a generous corner of the kitchen at Belgian Fries in Vancouver, there’s a two-metre-high stack of hessian bags full of locally grown Kennebec potatoes. In short order they will be peeled, scrubbed and chopped into fries — one of the three elements of what many have said is the best-tasting poutine just about anywhere. Others may claim the title — goodness knows there’s enough …

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Maverick Chefs 2014: 4 of Canada’s Top Chefs share their secrets and their recipes

Rosemary Mantini - August 19, 2015

The spirit of the maverick is one of staying true to an idea even though conventional wisdom may stand against it. It is the ability to see beyond the ordinary to what could be. The maverick, though, doesn’t just stop there. This is an individual who sets a course of action aimed at achieving that goal whatever the obstacles may be. Maverick chefs — John …

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