Mav Chefs 2015: Q&A with Chris Sills of Rostizado

Lisa Hoekstra - October 2, 2015
Rostizado Team 3

There’s something to be said about enjoying the atmosphere at a restaurant. No matter how delicious the food (and our 2015 Maverick Chefs can work magic), the dining experience is about more than what we eat. It’s about how we eat it. Chris Sills (pictured right), co-owner of Rostizado and Tres Carnales with Chef Edgar Gutierrez (center) and Daniel (aka Dani) Braun (left), puts his over 25 …

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#MavChat15: Talk with Chef Nick Nutting and Chef Edgar Gutierrez

Quench - September 29, 2015

Slight Change in plans! Tomorrow (Wednesday, September 30) at 7pm EDT, we’ll be meeting up with Chef Edgar Gutierrez of Rostizado (Edmonton, AB) and Jorge Barandiaran, front of house manager at Wolf in the Fog (Tofino, BC) to talk food, restaurant bizz and other chef-y things. Chef Nick Nutting’s colleague Barandiaran will be stepping in give us a front of house perspective on the working …

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4 Food Trucks you need to know

Katia Jean Paul - September 28, 2015
food truck

Gourmet pit stops, roadside fusion cuisine and travelling comfort food: in the short time since their resurgence, food trucks have earned their place among brick-and-mortar fine dining institutions thanks to creative street eats made from scratch with local, in-season ingredients. After LA, New York and San Francisco, Canada’s very own roadside restos are livening up the contemporary food scene from coast to coast. Vij’s Railway …

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Busy weekend = meals made easy

Shannon Fitzpatrick - September 25, 2015
Chili con carne being served.

I’m a hockey mom. A single, have-3-boys, work full time, hockey mom. This coming weekend is a big travel weekend for my family, with two away games. I’m ready for 8 hours of driving. The distractions are packed; snacks and quick, healthy meals are all ready to go. But, it is the weekend and I’d like to come home to a hearty, home-cooked meal (and …

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Mav Chefs 2015: Chef Nick Nutting, Wolf in the Fog, Tofino, British Columbia

Lisa Hoekstra - September 25, 2015

Nutting went from big-city living, working in Calgary and Montreal, to foraging his own mushrooms in small-town Tofino — and he couldn’t be happier. This tiny town is perched on the edge of Vancouver Island’s west coast looking over the Pacific Ocean. There, Nutting gets to follow his passion to honour fresh, local ingredients and let them sing in his cooking. While the way he …

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Mav Chefs 2015: Chef Edgar Gutierrez, Rostizado, Edmonton, Alberta

Lisa Hoekstra - September 25, 2015

A Filipino chef famous for changing the perception of Mexican food in Edmonton — sounds hard to believe, but it’s true. Gutierrez and his partners, Dani Braun and Chris Sills, created Tres Carnales to provide street-food inspired Mexican cuisine to Edmontonians. On the wings of their success, they decided to push further and show their community exactly what Mexican food is all about and Rostizado …

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